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, RPAV , 국제드론사관학교
    KOREA UAV 무인항공기센터 William J.Park's UAS Information Center


    지원 기관

    인하대학교 항공우주연구정보센터 김범수교수( www.aric.or.kr )

    세종대학교 항공우주공학과 윤석준 교수, 이경태 교수

    한국항공우주연구원 무인기그룹 구삼옥 박사  

    한국항공주산업진흥협회 한국로봇항공기경연대회( www.koreauav.com )


    편집 & 운영자 : 박장환 (William Jang-Whan, Park)

    Career in aerospace and UAS field

    1. Jan. 2013 ~ current. Working in Oenseen Skytech Ltd as a head manager of Aero Robot business Center for business development and co-development unmanned helicopter.

    2. Dec. 2012 ~ current. Director of Unmanned Vehicle University for Korean online campus management.

    3. Dec. 2000 ~ current. Operate UAS specialized information website ( www.uavcenter.com ).

    4. Took part in proposal as a conceptual design leader and achieved DAPA ( Defense Acquisition Program Administration, www.dapa.go.kr ) VTOL UAS development project for LG CNS from January ~ June 2012.

    5. International Senior Judge board of AVIC-cup UAV Grand-prix of China in 2011.

    6. Current. The Korea Robot Aircraft Competition ( www.koreauav.com ) judge committee and foundation member since 2002.

    7. Director of Aero-Tech Center, HST&I CO., LTD.( www.hstni.co.kr ) Since Sep. 2010. The leader of agricultural light manned or unmanned helicopters business & development projects. Mainly made project to manned to unmanned helicopter project with Guide System Technologies Inc. (Atlanta, U.S.).

    8. Current. Counseling board member of UVS-International ( www.uvs-international.org ) since 2005.

    9. 2003~2012. Founder of AUVSI ( www.auvsi.org ) Korean Chapter and & president since 2007.

    10. 2004~2010. Founder of KUVSA ( www.korea-uvs.org ) and director general since 2004.

    11. The CEO & President of UAS Center Co., Ltd. In charge of business development dealing with CamCopter S-100 VTOL UAS from Schiebel, Austria since Sep. 2006~2010. I have made proposal of more then 2000 pages for the ROK Navy project of Euro 15 million Navy shipboard UAS and won successfully. The competitor was AAI, U.S..

    12. Advisor for UAS system, KAIA(Korea Aerospace Industries Association, www.kaia.org ) since 2007.

    13. The CEO & President of Moosung Aviation Co., Ltd.( www.ms-aviation.com ) in charge of business development dealing Yamaha unmanned helicopter for agricultural purpose from Apr. 2003 to Sep. 2006. I made a successful agricultural market and now more than 150 agricultural unmanned helicopters are flying in South-Korea. Main role beside of marketing was technical part, training, safety management, maintenance management and manuals.

    14. September 2001 and July 2002, take part in the Korea Enhance Observation Period of Korea Meteorology Agency in Jeju island using Aerosonde UAV from Australia.

    1 5. September 2002, establish AUVSI Korea Chapter ( www.auvsi-korea.org ) and selected as the Secretary & Treasurer.

    16. From July 2002 – 2003, established and operating the Korea first UAV consulting company, UAV CENTER Co., Ltd. as president.

    17. December 2000 to Current, opened & operating the Korea first and world best UAV internet information center ( www.uavcenter.com ).

    18. December 1999 to June 2003, Internal Pilot and Instructor of UAV at an UAV company of ROKA intelligence battalion. Responsible for controlling UAV during some reconnaissance mission flights, and training other new internal pilot.

    19. November 1997 to December 1999, a member of establishing the first ROKA UAV unit.

    20. February 1991 to October 1997, a helicopter Pilot and maintenance officer at ROKA aviation battalions. Responsible for flying helicopters as a pilot in commander and managing of maintenance of helicopters in a battalion.

    21. July 1989 to January 1991, joined the ROKA as an intelligence operation sergeant at a Special Forces airborne brigade.

    R & D

    1. Power line inspection UAS development project since 2013.

    2. Military VTOL UAS development ACTD project for DAPA( www.dapa.go.kr ) Korea since 2013.

    3. Aerial Land Monitoring System development project from MLTM(Ministry of Land Transport and Marine Affairs, http://english.mltm.go.kr/intro.do ) as chief researcher of aviation and UAV part from 2006~2012.

    4. Natural disaster damage assessment system using unmanned helicopter development project. 2004~2006. NIDP ( http://www.nidp.go.kr/ ) as a chief researcher of aviation part

    5. Close Range UAV development project. 2005~2010. KAL ( http://www.koreanair.com/ )

    6. Aerial Land Monitoring System development project. 2006~2012. KLSG( http://intelligentkorea.com/ )

    Civilian Education


    1. Unmanned Vehicle University, under Master of Science and Technology for Unmanned Air System course, since Jan. 2013.

    2. Sejeong University, UAV Design Course, from 2001 to 2002.

    3. Korea National Open University, graduate Bachelor of English Literature, Feb. 2012.

    4. Gyungbok College, graduated Office Automation course, February 1996.

    Training related Aircraft and UAS


    1. Schiebel CamcopterS-100 UAS operator course (10 weeks) in Austria, in 2007.

    2. NRI Unmanned helicopter Instructor course (4 weeks) in USA, in 2006.

    3. RMAX operator / instructor operator course in Japan in 2003, 2004.

    4. UAV internal pilot course (16 weeks course) and Relay UAV pilot course (2 weeks course) in IAI, Israel, in 1999.

    5. Attack helicopter repairer course (67Y10/07-96) in U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School in Fort Eustis, VA, in 1996. Awarded as the Distinguished Honor Graduate.

    6. ALSE technician course (ALSE/25-96) in U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School in Fort Eustis, VA, in 1996. Awarded also as the Distinguished Honor Graduate.

    7. Army helicopter pilot course (7 months course) in ROKA Aviation School in 1991. Became a warrant officer.

    8. Special Forces Airborne courses (4 months course) in ROKA Special Forces Warfare School in 1989.

    Certifications and Accreditations


    1. Certificate of the Chief Instructor Pilot and Examiner for Unmanned helicopter system operators given by KUVSA (Korea Unmanned Vehicle System Association registered to Korean government), 2006.

    2. Certificate of the RMAX Unmanned helicopter Operator and Instructor given by Yamaha-motor, Japan, 2003.

    3. Certificate of the UAV Internal Pilot given by MHT, IAI (Israel Aircraft Industry) in 1999, the first time in Korea.

    4. Certificate of the UAV ADR/GDR Flights Pilot given by MHT, IAI (Israel Aircraft Industry) in 1999, also the first time in Korea.

    5. Qualification of army helicopter pilot given by ROKA Aviation School in 1991, and 7 years of full time work as a pilot UH-1 and 500MD helicopter in ROKA aviation battalions and have done keeping flight since 1998.

    6. Certificate of the Attack Helicopter Repairer given by U.S. Army Aviation School, Ft Eustis, VA, in 1996.

    7. Certificate of the ALSE Technician given by U.S. Army Aviation School, Ft Eustis, VA, in 1996.

    8. Certificate of Internet Information Technician given by Korea Association of Information & Telecommunication in 1998.

    9. Computer Teacher Certificate given by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development in Korea.

    10. Radiotelephone Operator’s General Certificate given by Korea Radio Station Management agency in 1995.


    Publishcation, Seminar, etc..

    1.    Editor & operator of open nonprofit web UAS information center. www.uavcenter.com

    2.    Overview of world UAV development. (Seminar), 2001.5., at ROK Army Intelligence

    3.    2002 Meteorology UAV operation result analysis. (Seminar), 2002.9., at KARI .

    4.    The solution for ATC problem according to enlarge of UAVs.(Seminar), 2002. 9., at ROK Army Intelligence School.

    5.    Protection for UAV position data (Research Paper), 2002.11., ETRI.

    6.    Overview of Japan UAV development.(Seminar), 2002.11., Inha University / KARI

    7.    The first UAV specialized consulting company in Korea, 2002.11., Magazine Monthly Aviation .

    8.    Overview for Japan UAV industry (Article, 2002.12., Magazine Monthly Aviation

    9.    The direction of small UAV development for Korean situation. (Seminar), 2003. 5. 23, ROK Army Intelligence School

    10. Small UAV for ROK Military use.(Paper), 2003.3.-

    11. Worldwide UAV R&D for the future(Seminar), 2003.9. 1., Pusan University.

    12. Worldwide UAV R&D for Meteorology(Seminar), 2003.9.1., Inje University.

    13. Overview of UAVs (Seminar), 2003.11.27., Korea Aviation University.

    14. Overview of VTOL UAVs(Seminar), 2004. 5. 14., ROK Army Aviation School

    15. Geo-cording system with UAV R&D project report, 2006.

    16. Real time Aerial Land Monitoring System R&D project report, 2008~2010

    17. 자료 제공, 지원 및 감수, 도서"무인항공기"-장두현 저   Memberships

    미국 국제무인기시스템협회 ( AUVSI, www.auvsi.org ), 전, 한국지회장

    유럽 국제무인기협회(UVS-International, www.uvsi.org ), 자문위원

    한국무인기스스템협회 ( www.korea-uvs.org ), 종신회원, 창립발기인, 총괄/사업이사 역임.

    KSAS ( eng.ksas.or.kr ) , 정회원

    Intellectural Propert


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    특허(발명자)/무인헬기 조종 능력 평가 시스템 및 그 방법/특허청/(등록번호: 1008181220000호)